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Creating sites

An Online store

With special tools, we create online stores that operate simply and quickly.

Terms: from 21 to 60 days

from $1500

An Online store

The Internet provides the opportunity to sell goods or services around the clock. Therefore, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to receive several times more income. To do this, you need to order the development of a turnkey online store. It will ensure the smooth operation of your business. 365 days a year. Daily. Without weekends and breaks.

Why do you need to order turnkey site development?

The trend shows that every year more and more buyers buy goods online. A professionally created online store will have several advantages:

  • Help find new customers.
  • Provide easy and clear access to product information and descriptions at any time of the day.
  • Expand the geography of purchases.
  • Promptly notify customers of new arrivals, promotions, and special offers.

Many years of our experience in doing business with entrepreneurs guarantees the creation of effective projects. Even the most difficult stage of creating a platform is HTML-coding, which is a simple task for Kantory specialists.

Customers who order services at the Kantora web studio know what they are paying for. Each price is justified in detail. Customers are always surprised that the price of creating an Online Store is much cheaper than they thought.

The development of an online store will open new horizons for those opportunities that were unattainable yesterday. Do not delay, stay ahead of the competition.

A corporate website

Corporate projects development of different levels of complexity and scale.

Terms: from 14 to 60 days

from $1000

A corporate website

The most correct informing of potential and existing buyers, partners about the company, its services, and products are all the tasks of the corporate site. This type of website will improve the image, visibility, and communication between users and the company.

Ordering the development of a corporate website by professionals will help take your business to a new level.

Advantages of a corporate website:

  • Provide information about services or products to a large number of customers throughout the day.
  • Distribute news about your company quickly.
  • Organize the information in as much detail as possible (you can order the company’s website with dozens of pages and place your offer, prices, contacts, photos, and videos on it).
  • Provide an opportunity to research potential search and conversion statistics.

But the most important thing is that with the help of web development of the company’s corporate website you can declare yourself to the whole country and the whole world because these sites are usually implemented in different languages. We will also select an individual design for you that your customers will remember 100% (sounds of severe pain of your competitors).

Of course, you won’t have enough time to communicate with developers every day. You need people who can listen to all your wishes and then create a finished product that will fully meet your expectations (or even slightly exceed them). Yes. We are this command.

Landing Page

We develop landings with an unforgettable design and the maximum conversion rate.

Terms: from 4 to 14 days

from $600

Landing Page

Landing Page – a landing page, the task of which is to convince the visitor to take a specific target action. Purchase of goods and services, order booking, online payment, or registration on the platform.

You also need this site if you want to:

  • Increase profits.
  • Attract new customers in large numbers.
  • Collect information about potential consumers of goods or services.
  • Bring new products to market.
  • Reduce advertising and promotion costs.

Kantora focuses on creativity in design and the clear presentation of information to users. A special marketing concept and the creation of unique content: 80% of visual information and 20% of text will not allow potential buyers to leave the page without taking targeted action. A quick start to sales will begin immediately after the launch.

Developing a Web-portfolio is important if you want to start working as a freelancer or reduce advertising costs.

Easy to use navigation and the most efficient sales – that’s why they order the development of Landing Page.

Do you need high profits? Want to know more about customers? Need to expand the market? We are waiting for your order and we are ready to start work immediately.



Development of brand identity using special visualization tools.

Terms: from 8 to 21 days

from $200


Identity is the most important part of branding. In a language that everyone can understand, identity is the visual element of your brand that potential buyers will remember and recognize you for in the future.

The development of identity elements by the specialists of our web studio is carried out with all the wishes of the customer and taking into account the specifics of the business.

  • Fonts, color palette, and logo shape are all created with your vision and imagination.
  • We create an original design of visual media. Everything that your competitors will never be able to repeat.
  • Professional brand book with recommendations and guidance on working with the company’s corporate identity.

Get a unique solution to your creative tasks from the creative web studio Kantora right now.

Social media styling

Designing social networks page that will encourage potential customers to subscribe to it.

Terms: from 3 to 14 days

$10 / 1 post

Social media styling

Many owners of profitable projects and companies neglect the design of social networks. But no matter how authoritative your company is. Whatever the meaningful texts under the posts. Without the visual design of the page, you will not get a significant increase in audience.

Kantora web studio specialists will develop not only an individual style of managing your page based on a brand book. But they will also create templates for further publications and stories.


  • A grid of posts in the style of your brand (color selection, photo style, the order of publishing news and posts).
  • Pictures for saved stories.
  • Creating templates and recommendations for self-design.


  • Based on the customer’s wishes, we create an individual main photo and cover.
  • We develop layouts for further publications.

Web Design

Development of user-friendly web design.

Terms: from 3 to 21 days

from $150

Web Design

The first thing a potential customer sees on your site is its design. Therefore, it is important for a web development specialist to feel exactly where the middle ground between convenience and creativity is.

To fulfill all the requirements and wishes of the customer, the process of designing interfaces takes place in several stages.

  1. We analyze competitors and trends in your business.
  2. We create a prototype site in schematic form.
  3. We fill the prototype with text and media elements.
  4. We make out a visual number. We create animation and fill in layouts.

It is also important to order a redesign of the site. After all, every year the trends are rapidly acquiring new forms. They change the tastes and preferences of consumers.

Our specialists with many years of experience guarantee the creation of a comfortable and stylish design for your site.

Design of the printing products

We create special printing products design for your projects.

Terms: from 3 to 21 days

from $25

Design of the printing products

In times of great competition, it is important not only to stand out with an original design from others but to really be remembered with something special.

Our experts have unique techniques to influence consumer buying behavior through designs, colors, and symbols. Order the development of the design of printed products in the Kantora web studio of any scale and level of complexity.


We create unique logos that are impossible not to remember.

Terms: from 8 to 20 days

from $100


The logo is the business card and the face of your project. Everyone associates well-known brands with a logo, not with a feature of goods or services. Therefore, it is one of the most important elements of creating an effective image for business.

To take into account each customer’s wishes regarding the design, we create a logo in several stages.

  1. The composition of the logo.
    Determine the composition of the location of all elements of the logo design in relation to each other. The composition aims to make the logo compact, concise and flexible.
  2. Font definition.
    We choose a unique font, because it determines the style and character of the brand, sets the tone of its communication with the client.
  3. Color selection.
    We select an individual color palette for your visual identity, create a unique atmosphere and a sense of brand. Colors that will reflect the price, quality, and uniqueness of the brand.
  4. A unique graphic solution.
    We create concise graphics, which will be the basis of logo design. It will simultaneously reflect the deep essence of the brand and meet the criteria of uniqueness.

Only a Kantora web studio professional can design logos that even Hogwarts will be proud of.


Pay-per-click advertisement

We set up one of the most popular types of advertising on the Internet.

from $150

Pay-per-click advertisement

This service is also called PPC or contextual advertising. Its main purpose is to attract targeted visits to websites and turn them into customers.

The effectiveness of professional contextual advertising is high because it allows you to select the target audience and show them your product or service. It also allows you to limit the geography of your show and determine the best time to advertise.

Typically, specialists create and customize a campaign using the following services: Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) and Bedun (Runner).

Our experts have a Google Ads certificate, which confirms the knowledge and skills of using PPC. We know how to set up and run contextual advertising on Google to make it as effective as possible for your business.

SEO promotion

We optimize sites for search engine queries.

from $300

SEO promotion

No matter how promising your business is, you need to declare it. And the presentation should be bright and convincing.

For a company to be a leader in Internet search, it must have a professional website. At the same time, it is important that among millions of such sites, potential customers easily and quickly find yours.

Simply put, you need your website to be on the first page of search results. Otherwise, even the best Internet portals will be on the “search day”.

The principle of SEO-optimization of the site is based on the fact that millions of users around the world are looking for information every minute, enter queries in the search bar. Search engines immediately find the best answer to a user’s query and publish it on the results page.

The slightest marketing mistakes can lead to additional costs. So you need to know how to enter the top ten on the first page of the search. Entrust site promotion only to experienced Kantora web studio professionals who have a high reputation in the industry.


We are launching one of the effective methods of business development through social networks.

from $200


A comprehensive promotion strategy is inseparable from SMM, as now more than 90% of the audience appears on social networks.

SMM promotion includes some actions and tools to attract the attention and interest of the audience:

  • Content strategy.
  • Work with comments and feedback.
  • Direct communication and promotion.
  • Conducting raffles.
  • Advertising on social networks.
  • Collaborate with thought leaders.

Specialists of the creative web studio Kantora, guarantee the comprehensive promotion of SMM for maximum profits.

Google Shopping

We create and configure a trading platform where online store owners advertise goods.

from $150

Google Shopping

Users perceive your product as an information banner. Clicking on the banner redirects you to your website.

To increase your campaign performance, we enable automatic updates, track performance, and optimize settings.

We adjust:

  • rates
  • budgets
  • display plans
  • location
  • negative keywords
  • We also analyze campaigns by attributes.

Therefore, visitors can view current information about prices and availability of goods in your online store when it is convenient. This reduces the number of “empty” clicks because the current product is displayed. The buyer can view it without visiting the website.

E-commerce resources must use multiple advertising solutions at once, including Google Shopping. Set up your ad campaign now, because the more visitors see your ad, the higher your conversion, and purchase probability.

Why use the services of <kantora/> web studio?

Creating an online platform for business development is not an easy task. It is impossible to cope alone, without special knowledge in web design, branding, and marketing. What do you need to do? Contact the Kontora.

Our team conducts a thorough analysis and develops communication strategies for your project.

The most important thing for us is the experience of joint business development. Thanks to creative strategic ideas, effective use of digital tools, we create products that integrate organically with your business and become a point of rapid growth.

We analyze the prospects for the development of each project at all stages of implementation; disassemble the concept of your business into molecules; proceed only from the interests of the client in the event of conflicting issues.

We strive to benefit from the first meeting and pass on our experience of a successful business to each customer.

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